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Explore the island of Langeland

On the island of Langeland, part of the South Funen Archipelago, in the south of Denmark, you may experience quietness, fresh air, fantastic sunsets and a starry sky at night.


The island has a varied cultural landscape with curly little roads and many small hills in the funny shape of bowler hats, scattered around the countryside. You’ll find a sense of idyllic nostalgia as from a time before the world went mad, as well as fine old woods and deserted beached where you can walk for hours without meeting anyone else.


The South Funen Archipelago invites you to do everything that is possible in and on the water and you’ll find excellent opportunities to fish, dive, surf, kayak and sail in old wooden ships – in many instances even without your own equipment.


And there is of course always the classic summer discipline of playing and relaxing on the beach, bathing and scouting for for beautiful shells and stones, which will probably never be completely out of fashion.


The beaches nearby are quite different – choose between deserted beach with beech trees practically in the waterfront to the east and family friendly sandy beach with shallow water to the west.


You’ll also find a varied plant and animal life that can be experienced close up, amongst others hares, pheasants and lots of other birds. At Æblegaarden we have deer in the garden on a daily basis – and they can also be seen in big flocks on the fields surrounding us. Many places round the island nature have been restored with the possibility to see more or less rare shorebirds and migratory birds.

At two locations – as a nature preserving measure – beautiful, wild Exmore ponies are grassing the land. This is absolutely worth seeing – even with a one hour car drive to Gulstav at the southernmost tip of the long island.


You can also find Icelandic horses for riding trips on the island. As well as bicycle hire and excellent trails for cycling and hiking.


Æblegaarden B&B is situated right on the biking route 80, which goes from Rudkøbing to Lohals, which is very convenient for turning you holiday here into a biking holiday.


Many of our guests bring their own bicycles in the back of the car and have the benefit of both kinds of transportation. However, we are happy to arrange for rental bikes to be here upon your arrival or during your stay. The bike rent is about d.kr. 200,- for a couple of days up to a week.


We also sell a map with all the best bicycle routes, so it is easy to find your way around. Biking on the main road is not recommended.


To put one leg in front of the other is something quite fundamental, creates peace of mind and balance to your body.


Whether you just want to go for a little walk, spend the day hiking or maybe even do a several days pilgrimage along the archipelago trail, it is wonderful to walk in Langeland. We have deserted beaches and woods, fantastic views and good paths to follow.


Right around Æblegaarden B&B we can recommend several good routes from app. 3 km up to app. 10 km. If you want to go further than that you can always easily take the bus back. A pick-up can also be arranged if needed and we’d be happy to arrange transportation of your luggage if you want to hike to your next lodging.


We are located app. 1½ km. from the archipelago trail.


But it’s not all nature. We also have top-class tourist attractions – at least if you judge them by their charm!


In Tranekær you’ll find the small, red fairytale castle and the village of Tranekær, which almost entirely consist of old, half-timbered houses. Unfortunately you cannot visit the castle inside as it is still the actual home of the Danish noble family Ahlefeldt-Laurvig. But the park surrounding it (Ticon) is always open and holds a very interesting exhibition of Land Art sculptures.


In Tranekær you can also visit Souvenariet, a small quirky museum of souvenirs from all around the world, a functioning old windmill, and the medicine gardens, which presents a wide variety of herbs and medicine plants.


To go a little further we recommend Skovsgaard, an old manor house, with a fine little museum of how the servants lived a hundred years ago or so. In the summer Skovsgaard, which is owned by the Danish Nature Foundation, also have a variety of activities for children and families with a focal point of learning about nature in a fun way.


In Tåsinge you can see Valdemar Castle and play miniature golf and in Svendborg you’ll find the museum of natural history, Naturama.

Local art

Langeland is also known for its many artists and craftspeople with little galleries – and Langeland can also brag about the longest art exhibition in Denmark: 12 former electrical transformation towers that have been converted into a series of art towers. They are scattered around the island – make it a day trip and see them all, or just pop in and have a look when your way passes naturally.


There are of course many other possibilities and we are always happy to make specific recommendations that adapt to your interests – or answer any questions you may have.


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