When dreams come through – and changes

Æblegaarden B&B’s history. Driven by the dream of a simpler life, with wind in our hair and dirt under the fingernails, slow food and simple living, we exchanged the small apartment in Copenhagen for a big old farm in the west of Zealand, in 2000. Here we started Æblegaarden with B&B and a venue for small workshops.


In the beginning of Æblegaarden B&B’s history, we had big plans for the rebuilding of a 400m2 barn which would hold more rooms, bathrooms and a conference room.

Aeblegaarden B&B Jack and wifeHowever, we started out with the space already available, soon to discover, that we really liked the more personal style that the initial smaller space had forced upon us. We enjoyed that the guests had their meals in the kitchen together with us and were not just “anonymous strangers” and soon this became a lifestyle for us as well as a benchmark for our business. The renovation of the barn was cancelled.


But what about the many empty buildings, the economy and the balance? After four years we realized that although we had plenty of wind in the hair and dirt under the nails, we were once again trapped in the rat-race. One morning we looked at each other and decided to sell.


Within only three weeks we had a buyer and started hunting to find a new place, where we could open small and cozy B&B with 2-3 rooms. The circles became larger and larger and after a while our search led us across Kattegat to Fuen and the long island just below it, Langeland. With its soft, hilly, cultural landscape and fine old woods – it won our hearts!


But it took almost a year and a half until one sunny day in May 2006 we fell completely in love with the flowering apple trees in the front garden, the old wooden floors, the high ceilings and the majestic double doors in what later became “The New Æblegaarden”.


There was just one little detail: The house needed a thorough restoration!

And there was only one thing to do: Get on with it and give it the grand tour, which included two new bathrooms and a big kitchen, both established from the ground, doors and walls were moved to suit our needs, new windows everywhere, insulation under the old planks and a brand new heating system was established. Among other things.


In 2008 we opened the doors to the first “new” Æblegaarden B&B guests and since then we’ve basically had full house every summer.


We have loved all the years with guests from near and far – some even from for us exotic places like China, Australia, Mexico and USA. The many fine conversations with such a variety of people over coffee and breakfast has both given us a broadened life view and made us more inclusive of others.

Aeblegaarden B&B Garden wild life


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