Your Hosts

About your hosts at Æblegaarden B&B are Sannie Teresa and Jacob Burén. We are not quite common but we have our feet solid on the ground. We insist on being present and hospitable in relation with our guests.


We love to share stories and opinions. But on the other hand we also give room for withdrawal and silent contemplation.


A visit to Æblegaarden is like staying with caring relatives – only without the family obligations that are often associated with at visit with Aunt Oda.


If you want to know more about our history and how it all started, you can read more here

Sannie Teresa Burén

Sannie Teresa Burén

Storyteller and photographer. Whole hearted and creative in all aspects of life. Values small adventures and good stories. Loves to learn, and often disappear into rabbit holes of pet passions. Runs on café latte and daily walks in nature.

Jacob Burén

Jacob Burén

Professional it-nerd , quite a handyman, a passionate tango dancer and Tango dj. Loves dark chocolate, good rum, the ocean and his grown-up daughter. Reads a lot of literature, knows a bit about jazz and have once been a rock’ n roll roadie. Vintage and FlowerphotosTogether we also run a webshop, byBurén, where we sell beautiful vintage home décor
and Sannie’s flowerphotos. Click on the pictures if you are curious to see more!


Our Values

Our values are basically about respect for life and recognition of the deep connection we, as humans, have with all living. We, who share this globe, share oxygen and thereby everything.


Our own experience of the world determines how it looks. If we turn it upside down it looks different – crazy maybe. But it is also full of unknown possibilities, for those who dare to see.


That is why inspiration is so important. Inspiration means to “draw in the spirit”. It is often experienced as an impulse, a spark, an idea that is conceived. Or simply joy. It makes us feel more alive and make us want to embark on new adventures – and thereby new solutions. At Æblegaarden we see it as one our most noble purposes to create a frame in which this process can unfold.


Aeblegaarden B&B Sannie Teresa & Jacob Buren


On a more concrete level this is expressed in a wish to help find constructive solutions for the climate changes as well asother environmental imbalances.


Because nature is not just something pretty. It is a part of us and we a part of it. When we go for a walk in the woods, or along fields and fences, when we swim in the ocean – or look out the window and see a deer – we particularly feel this community and that we need to cherish diversity.


And when we in the evening, in the quietness look towards the stars against the indigo blue sky, we understand that we are only a tiny part of something infinitely big.


We look forward to hear from you